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Golden Shiner Fish Fry
Available April and May only!
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Live Bait Shipped From Our Farm Direct to Your Doorstep?
I.F. Anderson Farms makes it happen!

Call 1-800-20-MINNO (206-4666)
For Details on Federal Express Overnight Delivery

live bait shipped to your door


IF Anderson FarmsI.F. Anderson Farms
       Home of the "Flying Fish"

In the 60-plus years and four generations since I.F. Anderson dug and stocked the first farm ponds on his Central Arkansas farm, I.F. Anderson Farms has evolved into the world's largest producer of Golden Shiner Minnows. Today, I.F. Anderson is capable of producing in excess of one billion high-quality shiners each and every year.

With advances in hatchery techniques have also come significant strides in the delivery process. An innovator at heart, in 2004 farm owner Neal Anderson pioneered the concept of air-shipping live baitfish and forage fish direct from the farm to retail locations nationwide. Anderson and his crew of professionals have since perfected the practice, with overnight shipments of six different strains of fish being successfully transported from coast to coast.

Week after week, month after month and year after year, I.F. Anderson customers can rely on next-day deliveries of carefully-raised fish that arrive at their destination in prime condition.

I.F. Anderson takes great pride in its products. Our fish are certified disease-free. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

From help with species selection to tracking shipments and providing information on applications and advantages, the veteran crew of professionals at I.F. Anderson Farms is your go-to source for the finest pond-raised forage fish and baitfish in the entire country.

A half-century of focused customer service has made I.F. Anderson Farms the standout company it is today. It's that same commitment to service and quality that assures I.F. Anderson will be there as your fish supplier in the years to come.

To order, or for more information, call our toll-free hotline: 1-800-20-MINNO (206-4666).