Golden Shiner Fry

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Innovative Program Revolutionizes Private Pond Forage Fish Purchasing

"Why buy thousands when you can get millions for a fraction of the cost?"

Through a highly effective forage fish fry program, millions of golden shiner fry are shipped to private pond owners and managers during April and May.

Many people have gotten used to buying adult forage fish, but we now have the ability though our hatchery to sell two and three day old fry at a much higher head count and at a much cheaper price.

**The recommended amount of fry is 250,000 or "one box" per acre, but that can vary depending on your individual circumstances**

Survival rates for the stocked fry are remarkably high. Furthermore, stocking with fry helps the pond achieve primary goals.

The fry are still feeding on their yolk sacs when they come out of the hatchery, but when released into a pond they begin feeding on the zooplankton and rotifers that are available inside the body of water.

In most fish ponds, gamefish are stocked heavily so that people can catch them easily. That means sometimes, the stocked fish will feed upon their own fry, if their is no other forage available.

This is where the golden shiner fry come in.

With our program, your fish can eat off the small shiner fry. The fry that do not get eaten will eventually grow and become excellent forage for the larger gamefish. Stocking fry like this makes a remarkable difference in the overall size and health of your gamefish.


The golden shiner fry are brought into the hatchery facility as eggs harvested from our ponds. Once hatched, they are placed in specialized bags and filled with oxygen. The specialized bags are then placed into heavy cardboard boxes with insulated liners. The boxes go straight to Fed Ex and directly to our customers.

Our hatchery is open during portions of April and May only. For this reason, the fry quantities are limited. Our customers can pre-order as early as January 1st to ensure they will receive their fry order. We ship the fry just as soon as they become available.


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