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  fathead minnows,golden shiners
  fathead minnows  

Species Available

I.F. Anderson Farms spawns and nurtures the nation's finest bait and forage fish. Among the species available are the Golden Shiner, Black and Pink (Rosy Red) Fathead Minnows, and Goldfish and the farm's own proprietary all-purpose live baitfish, the Black Salty (all counts per pound and sizes are approximate).


Graded in Six Different Sizes!

The Golden Shiner is I.F. Anderson's benchmark species. Due to sophisticated and proprietary technology developed over the past half-century plus, I.F. Anderson Farms hatches one billion .. that's billion, with a "b" ... golden shiners annually.

Twelve months a year, I.F. Anderson maintains a readily-available inventory of carefully tended Golden Shiners. In a broad variety of sizes for virtually every species of freshwater gamefish, I.F. Anderson Farms offers a Golden Shiner minnow to meet every angler's discriminating needs.

#4 1,000/box (4-lb. box)
#6 668/box (4-lb. box)
#8 625/box (5-lb. box)
#12 425/box (5-lb. box)
#20 250/box (5-lb. box)
Brooders 130/Box (5-lb. box)

golden shiner bait for freshwater fishing


As forage species go, and for getting farm ponds and lakes off to an optimal start, there is no substitute for the Fathead Minnow. The Fathead also makes an excellent live bait.

The fish are sorted and sold in three different sizes: Small (1-1/2 inches), Medium (2-1/4 inches) and large (2-1/2 inches).


Black Fathead  
Small 1,000 fish/box (4-lb. box)
Medium 668 fish/box (4-lb. box)
Large 425 fish/box (5-lb. box)
Black Fathead Feeders 1,500 fish/box
Pink Fathead  
668 fish/box (4-lb. box)
Pink Fathead Feeder 1,500 fish/box

fathead minnows

pink fathead minnows

I.F. Anderson Farms has long produced the healthiest and most dependable Goldfish in the country. The fish are raised and shipped in two different sizes, Feeder Size (3/4-1 inch) and Trotline Size (2 to 3 inches).

Feeder fish, as the name implies, are primarily used to feed larger predatory species kept in aquariums large and small. Due to the species' extremely hardy nature, aquarium managers can keep Goldfish on-stock and in-hand year-round, as livewell mortality is extremely low.

Feeder Size 1,500 fish/box
Trotline Size 150 fish/box (5-lb. box)
Trotline Size 300 fish/box (10-lb. box)


After several years of intensive field testing, I.F. Anderson Farms owner Neal Anderson's innovative, all-purpose brainchild has more than proven itself. The scientifically-developed, farm-raised Black Salty live bait (patented) is available in three sizes: inshore, offshore and the XL "Magnum", and all three have collectively confirmed that the super-hardy, saltwater-resistant Black Salty is indeed "The Ultimate Live Bait" in both saltwater and freshwater.

Click here for a downloadable FLYER

black salty live bait

The proof is readily apparent on In freshwater, the Black Salty is a highly-effective and proven offering for largemouth bass, catfish, striped bass, hybrid stripers and other gamefish species. Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic, king mackerel, cobia, red snapper, dorado, tuna and a host of other species have all been consistently taken on the Black Salty. In the bays and estuaries, saltwater speckled trout, redfish, flounder, Spanish mackerel, sharks, huge striped bass and other predators readily go for the baits. 

The Black Salty has even developed a solid niche as the feeder fish of choice for aquarium managers who maintain large freshwater and saltwater aquariums at some of the nation's most prominent sporting goods stores.

It's a fact: If it eats baitfish, it will eat a Black Salty.

All of the photos on represent documented catches. The site also provides extensive information on proven sport fishing applications and proper care and handling, with detailed rigging diagrams and instructions, an interactive forum and an ever-expanding array of impressive and documented "catch photos" compiled on the site's Photo Gallery.

Anglers need only clean freshwater and bubble aeration to keep Black Salty baitfish alive and frisky for days, and even weeks at a time. Available year-round, the Black Salty is the all-encompassing, highly effective answer to increased pressure on and decreased availability of native bait stocks nationwide.

From economy to ecology to all-around fish-catching effectiveness, the Black Salty baitfish is, in the words of veteran bait dealer Wayne Tucker of Tucker and Sons Bait in Galveston, Texas, "The live bait of the future."
There's no better time than the present to get with the program.

Inshore approximately 300 fish/box (10-lb. box)
Offshore approximately 150 fish/box (10-lb. box)
XL "Magnum" approximately 80 fish/box (10-lb. box)
Black Salty Sizes:  
Inshore (2 to 3 inches long)  
Offshore (4-1/2 to 5 inches long)  
XL "Magnum" (6 to 7 inches long)  

(Note: Check with your local game and fish agency to determine whether or not permits are required to receive Black Salty baitfish from Arkansas.)