World's largest minnow farm

In the 60-plus years and four generations since I.F. Anderson dug and stocked the first farm ponds on his Central Arkansas farm, I.F. Anderson Farms has evolved into the world's largest producer of Golden Shiner Minnows. Today, I.F. Anderson is capable of producing in excess of one billion high-quality shiners each and every year.

From help with species selection to tracking shipments and providing information on applications and advantages, the veteran crew of professionals at I.F. Anderson Farms is your go-to source for the finest pond-raised forage fish and baitfish in the entire country.

the farm

Since its inception in 1949, I.F. Anderson Farms has progressively evolved to become the premier fish farm in the nation. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility is the best in the industry.
Our 11,000-square-foot hatchery facility is capable of producing over one billion fry per season.
Anderson and his crew of professionals have since perfected the practice, with overnight shipments of three different species of fish being successfully transported from coast to coast.

The fish

I.F. Anderson Farms spawns and nurtures the nation's finest bait and forage fish. Among the species available are the Golden Shiner, Black and Pink (Rosy Red) Fathead Minnows, Goldfish, and the farm's own proprietary all-purpose live baitfish, the Black Salty.
I.F. Anderson Farms can ship high-quality fish direct to your doorstep via overnight shipping or truck delivery where available.

black salty

Several years of intensive field testing have produced I.F. Anderson Farm's all-purpose brainchild, Black Salty. This hearty, saltwater-resistant breed has proven itself the world over. The scientifically-developed Black Salty is available in three sizes, each having confirmed that Black Salty is indeed "The Ultimate Live Bait" for saltwater and freshwater.


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